Easty Beasty

This is Easty. She isn’t always Easty though. Easty is an alter - ego. It’s freedom. It’s entertaining the grubby, and boy - like. It allows her to be both inelegant and freakish and a pest and a menace, at the same time as being poignant, loving, emotional, and sometimes, really sad. It’s gives the Artist the space for two very distinct personalities to co-exist in happy matrimony. With Easty she is shaking off the should-nots and diving into deep water. This is the result. This art. This whole new space to exist in. Easty’s work is inspired by two main bodies - the old and the new. She is inspired by the ancient, prehistoric and strange. The occult, the magical and the metaphysical. She’s inspired by the eternal energies that exist between us; the world we cannot see, but is undeniably there. The idea that we are all conscious divine beings existing in this strange spiritual plane, where there is no beginning and no end. Contrastingly, it’s also about humour, about good times, about friends. It’s about the silly nonsense and the joy.