Nastia Gladushchenko

Nastia Gladushchenko is a mural artist and painter. Her work examines the relationship between humans and the plant world and she uses botanical imagery to remind us of the importance of our connection to the natural environment and to each other. With a background in Interior Architecture, exploring the way our environments affect our bodies and minds is of strong interest to her. Creating pieces featuring imagery of oversized botanicals, beautifully balanced in colour and composition she transport s us to a place between a playground and a meditative space. While the floral formations are 2D her use of colour creates deep pools for the viewer to fall into. Just as Nastia’s murals transform outdoor spaces her paintings on canvas transform interiors. She uses different gloss levels in paints and finishes so that as the light changes throughout the day the effect of the day waning is felt inside too. Nastia migrated with her family from Ukraine when she was seven years old and they settled in Randwick, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. More recently with her Belgium - Australian Partner and Cat Frida, Nastia has made home Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. Until COVID - 19 made it impossible, Nastia would make the almost - annual pilgrimage to the Ukraine to see family. Nastia recalls her favourite flower, the prolific lilacs around her grandparent’s ‘Dacha’, a Russian word refers to a country house where fruit, veggies and flowers are grown. Today, with spring around the corner in the mountains, she is surrounded by cherry blossoms and jasmine. In her work, sunflowers and wattle are among the floral heroes and you can almost smell the heady bouquets coming forth.