Phoebe Stone

Artists-Phoebe-StonePhoebe is a self-taught Sydney based artist working in Oil Pastels to explore the beauty and delight to be found in a well balanced coming together of composition, colour, pattern and texture. Scenes of the domestic, whether food or the accoutrement of daily life, are drawn and drawn again by Stone in her signature urgency, impatient to see their pleasing forms and arrangements take shape on the paper.  Whilst always drawing in her down time, Phoebe has spent the past 10 years honing her creativity as an interior designer, only recently dedicating herself to her art practice in earnest.  Her current works, whilst an exercise in pleasing compositions and colour stories, are also pieces created to capture and revel in memories of travel, meals shared and to savour particular emotional responses embedded in objects that are scattered throughout her home. Lives in lane cove Selling art through Instagram for a year now unanimity of Instagram self-taught creatitivty is a;ways encouragd from youth and very passionate from a young age. Lots of time of drawing Mother studied design. Father (who she hasn’t seen since 4) went from building to architecture for 1 year and then went into fine arts. Artists on both sides, Great uncle jack who was always painting and always came with a new pack of pencils from Melbourne and she remembers the conversation at her Grandmother’s house. Sister is a talented illustrator, in the car would always have textas and an art book. Always been lovely domestic scenes. Grandmothers house was packed full of stuff lived at Bilgola Plateau Choice of high school at Mosman High (grew up lower north shore). Extra stream of art from age 11. You could do an extra stream of art. It wasn’t all consuming passion. Practicing art became a very comfortable place. Didn’t make her want to doggedly go after an art career. I want to have a career and make money. Super important to have the financial security having had a single mother. Went into an arts degree, explored art history for a year but wanted to do interior architecture, did really well and loved the creativity it afforded. But didn’t love the Loved the visual language and the poetry but not the precision. Always the loose and conceptual language. Always sketching while drawing and painting little things A voyeur Not very patient so drawing has been more of the choice Drawing is much faster and she enjoys the fastness and immediacy of drawing Horse riding through high-school so has done a lot of black and white horses heads. Meditative things. Create a moment of pause. Stress leave from work and had time in the days. Wanted to do some colourful drawings from her daughter’s room, so she bought a cheap packet Middle ground between drawing and painting, the way you hold the pastel. From the one drawing then more, everything cancelled. Really missing the freedom. Flicking back through photos of France and Italy and started drawing those things, feel like you’re back there in Italy with the limoncello, and started drawing from there. Connected her with beautiful and cherished memories and opened up the boarders that felt very closed. Craft paper that she had brought and started drawing out things that made her felt good. Really encouraging and that other people could get pleasure out of what she was doing. Enjoyed the artistic stroke and then started posting more and create a separate Instagram page. Popping up in people’s news feeds and then started getting requests for people to buy them etc. Decided to leave and there’s something new to be done A lot of still life, home is what she is obsessed with her whole life. Mother always house proud. Spent a lot of time at home, and the idea of creating a home with beautiful things is central to her as a person. It’s an important job, there is someone in the family who is creating the space, that is a safe haven and is really important. Meals shared with people and memories created, finding the beauty of what is used in the every day. Cooking spoon from rome. Touch these things every day, some thing very simple that means much more Ceramic vase, pumpkin, rockmelon and candle stick, complementary shapes, and organic spheres and shapes in them. Work that has been central in work as an interior designer Bringing it forward from her mother’s into her own house and into the homes of others. Bio When Phoebe talks about her childhood, drawing in sunny corners of her grandmother’s home on the Northern Beaches’ Bilgola plateau, it’s clear to me that her romantic view of a joyful domestic life has been with her since she was a girl. Phoebe’s studies of jugs, vases, rockmelons and oysters often strewn across a stripped tablecloth or hatched backing, feel as earthy and salty as the subjects themselves. About to have her second child Phoebe takes pride in giving her children a beautiful home, filled with loved items collected over years of travel through Europe, just as her mother did and her grandmother before her. I love the way Phoebe pays homage to the simple but essential items we use in our kitchens mindlessly, thousands of times, in the process of lovingly preparing meals for family and friends. A knife whose handle is worn down through generations of use, a jug brought out of the cupboard in the summer for pitchers of lemonade, all of her subjects evoke the memory of long days enjoyed in glorious weather surrounded my loved ones. Her work is so nurturing, it’s impossible not to fall in love.