Tiel immerses herself in her environment emotionally and physically throughout the creative process. She is a collector; foraging fragments of shells or leaves as she explores the bush lands around her studio in Brisbane and beaches at her coastal home in Nort hern NSW. It is the impermanence of life and cyclical changes of nature within the environment that fascinates her most. Practicing full time for the past 15 years Tiel’s love of the environment extends beyond her art to her involvement in projects such as protecting the habitats of koalas and supporting the development of a solar energy farm. She is truly authentic in her love of nature, and I feel this shows in her work. I love Tiel’s frankness in her relationship with her art. She speaks very candidl y about motherhood and how her art practice is shifting into different concepts as her children move into adulthood allowing her more time to engage in her process and ideas. I think what I love most about Tiel’s paintings are the balance of weight and l oftiness. The changing - coloured trunks of the trees are counterweighted by the suggestion of a feather or sand. It makes me feel movement through the paintings, perhaps due to a breeze flowing past us in the world she builds through her work.